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Cobra have a committee to handle everything from upholding the constitution to organising social events. We are a friendly bunch and we look forward to meeting you at one of our sessions.


Our Committee

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Club Secretary

I’m Catherine, the Cobra Club Secretary. After my 2017 gallbladder removal, I joined Cobra’s Couch to 5K to prioritize my health. Running with a new friend, it became enjoyable. I’ve since achieved the unexpected: cross country leagues, a marathon, cycling, and two triathlons. The club’s immense support and encouragement helped me set and achieve unimaginable goals. Cobra’s friendly, welcoming, and inclusive nature makes it the best running club. They guide and nudge you towards success. 

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Hi, I’m Andy the Club Chair. In 2012, I took up running with a Couch to 5K plan. Struggling at first, I persevered and conquered the 5K. Encouraged, I joined a Parkrun and then a running club, Cobra. Over the years, I completed marathons, triathlons, and open water swimming, all while making wonderful friends. Cobra is undoubtedly the friendliest club, offering support and encouragement to all abilities.



Committee MemberCoach

I’m Neil, a Club committee member, coach, and an active runner, cyclist, and swimmer. I joined Cobra after reading an article about the club, back when it was first founded.  I went along to the session and met John Lloyd, one of the club’s original founders who still runs with us. Competing in cross country and the London marathon with Cobra, I value the club’s inclusivity and support. We cater to all levels and goals, ensuring no one is left behind on our runs. I’ve organised Couch to 5K courses and made lasting friendships during my time as a member.



Committee Member

Hi I’m Jackie and I am a member of the Cobra committee. I joined Cobra in January 2017 having signed up for the Couch 2 5K programme.  I made some lovely friends during the first ten weeks training and because the Cobras are so friendly, I decided to become a fully signed up member. Since I started running, I have achieved several half marathons and have been part of the ladies Cobra cross country team. I am a keen park runner and also volunteer on Saturday mornings. You’ll normally see me out on the Wednesday night runs.



Committee Member

Hi I’m Steve Amos. Long term Cobra member. I’m a general committee member and started running too many years ago! My favourite distance is 1/2 marathon and I have now completed 68 1/2s and 8 full marathons.




Hi, I’m Mason the club Treasurer. Off-road is my preferred type of running, particularly because trails allows me to discover hidden pieces of natural beauty that are often unseen in conventional running routes. The best part about Cobra? It’s the people. They’re incredibly friendly and welcoming, and I always have a good laugh in their company. 



Membership Secretary

I’m Jade the club’s Membership Secretary. I joined the popular Cobra C25K in 2018 and have been a member ever since. I have gone on to run 10k’s, half marathons, 3 marathons and completed a Sprint Tri. Cobra is a wonderful social group that encourages and supports whatever it is you wish to achieve.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, please do. We always recommend trying out a session or two for a few weeks to see if Cobra is right for you before joining.

We do indeed. Please check out our Facebook and Instagram by selecting the appropriate buttons in the header of this webpage. 

Cobra is for everyone. As long as you are over 18, there aren’t any entry requirements. We have a variety of sessions which cater to different paces. For a more relaxed pace, Wednesday and Sunday sessions might be a good fit. Please head to our ‘Sessions’ page for more information.

It depends what you problem is. For payment issues, contact our Membership Secretary. For general enquiries, contact our Club Secretary. For more personal or private issues, please contact the Welfare Officer. You will find all contact details on the ‘Contact’ page.

Yes, our club is EA affiliated. That means that when you join Cobra, you can enter races and get an England Athletics number. 

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